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Surely the boat ride has to be on your list of things to do in Arraial do Cabo. You will get to know 03 beaches plus 05 sights in a single tour! The team Orion Nautical Tour is prepared to give you a tour with safety, quality, tranquility and lots of festivity. See our script!

Lighthouse Island

One of the most beautiful Brazilian beaches, the Island is a patrimony of the union, under the protection of the Brazilian Navy. The maximum capacity is 300 people at a time.

Lighthouse Island

The Island is surrounded by fine white sand dunes. Access is only made by boats authorized by the navy.

Lighthouse Island

With clear and calm water, the sand and depth provide different shades of blue. Its indescribable, come check it out! We make a 30 minute stop (controlled by the Navy) for you to enjoy this paradise.

Crevice of Our Lady

The slit has, approximately, 5 meters of opening and 40 meters of height. With that, it seems that a slice of the Island was taken. The name was given after fishermen found the image of Our Lady of the Assumption in the middle of the crevice, and it was taken to the main church of Cabo Frio by a solemn procession. The original image was stolen from the church, but a replica was put there, as well as in the crevice, where it stands today. Legend has it couples who kiss in front of the saint never separate again! Does it work? We don t know! But it s worth a romantic time in this paradise!

Gorilla s Stone

During the boat trips, you can see rocks carved by nature. Depending on the angle you look at you can see some profiles, as well as the famous profile of the gorilla.

Meteor Hole

One more point to be appreciated is the meteor s hole. According to legend, the rock was hit by a meteor the size of a tennis ball that left it in the current format and so the name. There is no proof of the fact.

Blue grotto

The cave has an opening of 3 meters wide, 15 meters high and 30 meters long. The walls in golden and silvery tones added to a blue sea, cause a unique and splendid look with the rays of sun.

Beaches of Pontal do Atalaia

With clear waters and blue, soft white sand, the beaches of Pontal do Atalaia is an invitation to have an unforgettable day!

Atalaia s stairway

The beaches of Pontal do Atalaia also have access through the trail, which is made by the Pontal do Atalaia hill, which can be made by car, bicycle or on foot. The trail leads to the famous Atalaia s stairway, with more than 200 steps, which takes you to the sand of the beach, where you can spend the day!

Atalaia Beach

During the tour, passengers disembark and make a 30-minute stop so they can enjoy this wonder.

Marine Farm

Arriving at the inlet of Praia do Forno, we present the Oyster, Shellfish and Scallop Sea Farm.

Forno Beach

We ended our tour with a 20-minute stop at Forno Beach, which has clear water and lots of marine life! Worth it!
The tour ends at the same place of embarkation. Average length of the tour: 03 and a half hours. During the tour, we serve water, included in the price. We have a bar on board.. The boat has onboard bathroom, sound, floats for recreation and all the security equipment and documentation required by the Brazilian Navy and ICMBIO. We value security and quality service to our customers from start to finish. Clean environment, nice sound, quality products. Place of Embarkation and Check-in: Santa Cruz Street, Fishermen s Marina, Pier 02 - Praia dos Anjos - Arraial do Cabo - RJ.

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